Benefits of a Girls With Dreams Friend Circle

February 26, 2009

festeavalHaving a close group of girl friends to talk to or hang out with has tons of benefits. A new study shows that having a close-knit group of friends might protect you from harmful relationships. Here are a few other reasons to start your own Girls With Dreams Friend Circle:

  • It’s a ton of fun!
  • You have friends ready to help you deal with whatever comes your way.
  • It’s a great way to share ideas about life, from boy drama to preparing for college.
  • You can give back to the community, like Molly did with Polar Swim.
  • It’s a great excuse to get creative and do activities you might not try on your own.

Have you started your Friend Circle yet? We’d love to hear what you’re up to!

Start Your Own GWD Friend Circle!

February 16, 2009

The most important part of starting your own Girls With Dreams Friend Circle is choosing who you want to be with. This might take some time. It’s okay if you don’t have the group decided on today. Here’s how to get started:

Decide what type of people you want to surround yourself with. Imagine a circle full of positive and supportive girls who lift each other up! Start a new journal for your Friend Circle stuff and dedicate a page to writing down what’s important to you.

List 3-7 girls who meet your criteria. If you only know one person, that’s okay. You can start by talking to her. If you’re not sure who you want to invite yet, that’s okay too. It’s really important to have the right group of people surrounding you instead of rushing into forming it. 

Open up. Be clear about what you want and remind yourself of the type of people you want to be with. Next, ask yourself if you are living up to the same criteria. Ever hear of that idea you atract what you are?  

Start inviting! When you find someone you want to be in your group, ask them. You might even share the links here to show them more about it. You can also watch the videos at

Pick a time to meet. Your group will officially be ready to start when you have all 4-8 of you. Feel free to start informally before then, though. If you don’t all live near each other, decide when you can call and talk. And, if you do live in the same town, decide where you want to talk and how often. You might decide once a week or maybe it will be only once a month.

We’ll be sharing more tips here.

What is a GWD Friend Circle?

January 27, 2009

lisalaurieThe Girls With Dreams Friend Circle has arrived!

We are so excited to launch this new idea. The idea of a Friend Circle has been around for a long time, but we’re excited to let you know what it means to us! The concept is similar to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but so much more!

Basically, a GWD Friend Circle is a group of 4 to 8 girls who have come together to support each other. You might all live in the same town, but you don’t have to. You can connect by phone, email or Web cam. As a group, you agree to meet once a month. You give each person time to talk and share what’s new with her, and then share ideas about how the group might help. You also plan fun things to do together. Part of your plan might be to reach out to others in the community.

Don’t worry, though! We’re going to take you through this step-by-step process and help you create your own GWD Friends Circle! Once your circle is up and running, we’d love to hear from you! We’re going to be posting videos, tips, and ideas from girls just like you. We want you all to share what types of things you’re learning and doing together in your circles.

Why is this so important?

If you’ve ever felt alone…

If you’ve ever felt you don’t measure up…

If you’ve ever believed you couldn’t do something….

We need each other to succeed! Our Friend Circles can get us through tough times, be a place for us to laugh, cry, support each other, and have a good time! Our Friend Circles can help us all live our BIG DREAMS!

Friends + Dreams + Action

July 10, 2008

n15900106_35260478_3949A lot of girls ask me why I started Girls With Dreams. In a nutshell, it comes down to 3 things: Friends + Dreams + Action. That is why we’re here. Let me explain a little more.

Friends: Our space is the best place to be yourself, meet other girls, realize you’re not alone in the issues that you face, and learn that we don’t need to compete with one another. We can accomplish so much more when we work together instead of put each other down!

Dreams: Our space is the best place to dream bigger, explore new interests, and find the tools to deal with the everyday stuff (peer pressure, friend problems, etc.) that gets in the way of living your best life.

Action: Get excited about taking action in your life and the world around you! It’s not always easy to take a stand for yourself and do things the way you want to, but that’s why we’re here! The other part of action is learning that we grow so much by giving, whether it’s reaching out to the girl who dropped her lunch or sending money to build schools in Africa. It’s all about getting outside of ourselves.

So do you think you could use more friends, dreams, or action in your life? We’re glad you stopped by and hope you’ll stay around, let us know what you think and tell your friends about us! If you really like us, contact us at about all the ways you can get involved!