Teens Talk About Rihanna and Chris Brown

July 30, 2011

Teens share dating advice and reflect upon the about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Recently Chris Brown was asked about hitting Rihanna when they dated and he reacted violently at the TV station.

Watch our advisors react when the story first broke.

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Teens Share Opinions of Miss USA Results

May 19, 2010

It has always been my dream to model and be in the fashion industry. I watch the Miss USA Beauty Pageant every year, but I missed it this year. I joined the facebook group in order to read all of the updates and I was surprised to see negative wall comments such as, “Ew, Miss so-and-so can’t win. The other contestants look better.”

In the end, Miss Michigan took the crown. I want to say how proud of her and my country I am. Many people believe Miss USA, Miss Missouri, and Miss Teen pageants revolve around appearances and air-heads, but they’re ignoring the facts. Being criticized in front of a crowd takes guts.

I believe the Miss USA pageant is a great way to encourage women to define themselves. It’s a competition of character, dedication, and strength. You have to be beautiful inside and outside to succeed in life, and these pageant contestants demonstrate how confident everyone should be.