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INTRODUCTION takes your privacy concerns very seriously. We are guided by certain codes governing the privacy of your communications and information. Our privacy policy reflects commitment to safeguarding your privacy. It is our belief these polices balance customer concerns about privacy with your interests in receiving quality service and useful information.
We recognize that you may have concerns about the information we obtain about you. Our Policies gives you choices and flexibility regarding how we use that information. These Policies also guide our employees in handling customer information so that your private information remains private.

Explanation of privacy policies

Information collection and use

We use personally identifiable information about you that helps us to provide you with our service. may also use this information to protect other users, customers, employees and property from fraud, theft or abuse, to conduct industry or consumer surveys and to maintain good customer relations.

Our Terms and Conditions of Use agreement contains disclosures about personally identifiable information that is required to protect under federal law, when this information may be disclosed, ways this information can be restricted, and how and when this information is used.

Please be advised we do use personally identifiable information internally for our own general marketing and planning purposes so that we can develop and offer new services and products that meet our customers’ needs. Typically this information is combined and summarized to not include personally identifiable information.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

We enable you to control how and if we disclose your personally identifiable information to other persons or entities, except as required by law or to protect the safety of customers, employees or property except when we share such information with agents, affiliates, suppliers, venders, advertisers, consultants, and contractors who use it to provide our support or products and services. We will also share your personally identifiable information when required by law such as by service of a subpoena or to investigate fraud, theft or abuse with other servers or law enforcement agencies.

If you decide to submit a Creative Submission, you need to register in the Creative Submission section. We require your Creative Submission to include your real name, e-mail address, and residential address as well as your Screen Name. The Screen Name will be a name you select other than your legal name which will be used for your posting and any other communications with . The Screen Name is implemented by for your protection to help mitigate the dissemination of your personally identifiable information. However, use of your Screen Name is not a guarantee that your personally identifiable information will not be disclosed or provided by other methods as identified herein. also offers message boards and blogs. Your use of the message boards and blogs providing your personally identifiable information is done at your risk. does not have control over the use of the personally identifiable information provided by you or accessible by others should you utilize the message boards and blogs on this site. cautions you to be very cautious when providing any personally identifiable information about yourself to others through your use or arising out of your use of the message boards. Report any suspicious behavioral indications or content or communication deemed unacceptable as is described in our Terms and Conditions of Use by immediately contacting your local authorities and to us at

Please be advised that may use “cookies” and other technologic tools to monitor visitor activity and use for the purposes of improving the website for our users, provide potential or current site advertisers or other third party users with statiscally relevant information, and for a variety of other legitimate business purposes. will not use your real name in connection with its monitoring and gathering of information nor will it provide your real name to any current or potential advertisers or third party users except as mentioned herein or in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Notification of changes of privacy policies

It is your responsibility to determine whether has amended or changed our Privacy Policies. We recommend that you review our Privacy Policies each time you visit our website to determine whether the Privacy Policies have been amended or changed. You can determine if the Privacy Policies have been amended or changed by the “Effective Date” set forth at the beginning of this section entitled “ Privacy Policies.” If the “Effective Date” is different from your last visit to our site, then the Privacy Policies have been amended or changed. We encourage you to be familiar with any such changes or amendments before continuing use of this site. Should you continue use of this site after any such amendments or changes, you shall have agreed to be bound by and have agreed to adhere to the Privacy Policies. If you do not agree to be bound by and do not agree to adhere to any such amendments or changes to the Privacy Policies, then permission to you to visit and/or use this site is permanently revoked or withdrawn, and we ask that you exit out of the site immediately.

Advertisers, sponsors and third parties

Please be advised that our advertisers, sponsors or other third parties may be using “cookies” and other technologic tools to monitor visitor activity and use. We neither guarantee nor assume responsibility for the use of personally identifiable information by our advertisers, sponsors, or other third parties that use or have access to our site, including the use of your personally identifiable information by advertisers, sponsors, or other third parties. is also not responsible for the privacy practices of advertisers, sponsors, or third party users of this site. By use of the site, you agree to become informed about the privacy policies of the advertisers, sponsors and other third parties that use or have access to the site.

Contact information

If you have questions about our Privacy Policies, contact us at or send a letter directed to Girls With Dreams, 3023 Highway K, Suite 515, O’Fallon, Missouri 63368.