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February 19, 2014

april-2011-015Depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, addiction…so many girls struggle with mental health issues every day, yet are too afraid to ask for help.  There is a new resource we love.  Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students. Check it out and please pass it on to a friend!

Michael J. Fox “Always Looking Up”

September 9, 2012

I was lucky enough to have Michael J. Fox visit my University. Even though I was required to go, I wanted to go. I have been a fan of Fox since I was little. I’m not the only one who has been in love with the class Back To the Future movies and of course, Family Ties. My campus was packed with students and local residents to see Michael J. Fox. When he entered the room, everyone stood for him. I don’t think I heard a negative comment about Fox’ speech. The speech that night was called, “Always Looking Up.” I soon realized that there was a lot more in life that I needed to learn. I had no idea that Fox had parkinson’s disease. What I found interesting was that he never referred to it as a disease. He embraced the situation and explained how he got where he is today. The title “Always Looking Up” got me going in my life. That hour long speech influenced me to turn every bad thing I have in my life into something to motivate me. Everyone is going to have obstacles, but It has to be realized that EVERYONE will have them. One road block is not going to hurt you for all of eternity. You always have to keep looking up, because it doesn’t matter what bad has happened as long as you push forward. Most people give up, because they look at how much more they have to work at instead of being proud of everything they’ve already worked through. Fox inspired me to push through and keep at my goals.

Miss Represetation: A Must See Video

October 24, 2011

Where do you think girls get their ideas about beauty? Who do you think is most influential…friends or movies? Have you ever thought about how we think about ourselves in relation to the movies and TV we watch? Check out this new trailer called MissRepresentation.

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Advantages vs. Responsibilities: Technology

July 29, 2011

ipodtouchOne of the beauties of the modern world might just be the technological advantages. I don’t believe that’s the only beauty, but just think of the things it’s allowed people to do.  These advantages come in handy especially for those with a recent change.

For example, one of my best friends is moving eleven hours away next Saturday. What would I do to keep in touch with her other than “snail mail” (or writing letters) at a constant rate? One of the first things we promised each other is to text, call, Skype, Facebook chat, and message one another every day so the transition for both of us will go more smoothly.

What would I do to keep this pledge without technology?  Without the “gift of technology” there would be no way my friend and I would stay in touch. Luckily, these inventions will allow us to stay close, even while remaining across America.
But is it true that these advancements come with great responsibility? Of course, of course, of course. You’ve heard of all the disasters involved with these things. Texting has taken a nasty picture messaging turn. Facebook has leaked pictures, information, and rumors that have caused depression and suicide. Now I’m not trying to scare anyone out there- it’s the reality that everyone has to face in order to be prepared to deal with what happens.
What’s the best way to get rid of these hazards that deal with technology? The answer is pretty different for everyone if you’d go into detail, but I like to follow these three points:
1. Wait- there’s no rush to create a Facebook account, get a cellphone, or that new web-cam. These things should be treated as privileges, not rights, and the time you and your parents decide is the right time… well that’s the right time for you!
2. Be careful- sounds pretty open, right? Being careful means many things. I think the most important thing to be careful of, is watch what you put out there, it remains out there forever. Before doing something online or on your phone that you’d have any doubts about, carefully analyze what you’ll think about it next week, next year. Will it be the kind of thing that could possibly come back to haunt you?
3. Stick with your friends- you don’t have to be the 100% social butterfly technologically. Send messages and associate with the people you know in real life, which means you’ve met them in person.
Sounds like a lot? These are just some of the responsibilities that come with technology. With increasing free time over the summer, more girls will turn to these outlets. But to avoid all in general, make yourself busy! Reserve the minutes for your out of town friends- write a letter!  Just always keep the advantages and responsibilities that come with your devices.  PS…a new movie on Cyberbullying just came out.  Find out more here.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

July 28, 2011

laughingDo you ever feel that you’re just growing up too fast? Many girls feel this way, due to lots of outside elements, such as the media, pressure, and expectations. Teen girls just want the chance to kick back and be a kid again! And with all this free time during the summer, why not?

Friends, and the “outside world” could have an impact on why girls don’t just have more fun. We’re practically programmed to fear what everyone else thinks of us, and going to the zoo doesn’t always bode well for image.

That is, unless you don’t care about constantly meeting expectations- this should happen a lot more often. Think of all the missed opportunities, or things you’ve dreamed of doing again, but held yourself back due to the fact that you’re afraid of what people would think of you.

If your friends are the ones holding you back, find someone else to go to the park, or the zoo with. This doesn’t mean drop your old friends, just find some people that allow you to be yourself. Go to these places with younger siblings or relatives! They’re like built in best buds, always there for you no matter what, especially to do the things you both love!

So don’t be afraid to act like a kid again, it’s the best way to have the best time!

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Make New Friends

July 26, 2011

3amigosStudies have shown that girls throughout the world rely heavily on relationships. This makes sense, right? You call your friends when you need a laugh or a cry, you obsess over your crush, your family always comes in as a top priority. People are important to all of us.

So it makes sense that as we reach new places in our lives, we need to keep expanding our circles. What am I trying to say? Make new friends, but keep the old.

Camp is the perfect place to do just that. Grab an old pal and sign up for a day or sleepaway camp. Camp is a great chance to meet new people who share your interests. Last year, a group of friends and I went to a month-long sleepaway camp together. We knew a bunch of girls that had already gone, and we figured “Why not give them a chance, they could introduce us to friends from all over the country!” We walked out of that camp with friends from Washington D.C., Texas, Illinois, all over America, and even some from Israel! It was such a great experience — so great that we’re all going back this summer.

That is why girls rely so heavily on their friends. In a place where you’ve never been, such as a new sleepaway camp, it can be scary to think that you’re all alone. But the reality is, you’re surrounded by a bunch of potential friends.

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Home is Where the Heart Is

July 26, 2011

img_5513I didn’t realize how much I missed my hometown until I got back here.

I didn’t realize that I missed the comfort of hitting that stoplight right before my house. I didn’t realize that I missed walking into the basement that was loaded up with my brother’s favorite cologne. I missed the local Fritz Frozen Custard stand and donut shop. Most of all, I sure missed my mom’s cooking.

Being home is incredible. My mom spoils me with home cooked meals every night. I just got my wisdom teeth removed and she’s babying me. I forgot how much I missed my mom and my family.

I forgot how good it felt to sleep in my own bed.

Being down in Busch Stadium today made me remember how lucky I am to live in STL and truly be HOME.

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New Cyberbully Movie Airs Tonight

July 21, 2011

college-girlABC premieres “Cyberbully” the movie tonight on it’s ABC Family Channel.  A real look at what teens face online, the movie follows Taylor, a young girl who has fallen victim to online bullying.

ABC has also teamed up with Seventeen magazine and put together many resources on the Cyberbully movie sight about digital drama and online bullying.  You can even take a poll and see the results about mean things happening online.

Let us know what you think about the new Cyberbully movie and how you’ve dealt with online bullying!

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Truth or Dare?

June 22, 2011

april-2011-001When my friends’ parents would ask me what I wanted to go to college for… I would say something along the lines of…

“I want to major in business and study abroad in Spain.” A year later, I’m still in the same boat. I’m a marketing management major with the intention of studying abroad. However I realized that college is a lot more than getting a degree.

In high school, my school became a part of me a lot more than I became a part of it.  Since August, my college taught me a lot about myself. I slowly learned that there are things I have passion for.

I have always known that I love to dance, that I love fashion, and that I will overcome my life obstacles.

Truth? I’m scared. Truth? everyone is scared.

I feel like there are all these dreams, these ambitions that everyone has in their lives but so many people don’t dare. They just dream.

This year, after lots and lots of fear, I finally applied for a scholarship to a fashion school in California.

I got a tattoo that represented my past, present, and future. Dare.

There’s a lot of truth in our lives that we don’t want to accept so we just dream.

Dreaming only works when we dare to act on it.

Do What You Love

June 21, 2011

kayaking“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” These are the words of writer Henry David Thoreau. Could this man be any more intelligent?

Probably one of the most important things in life is enjoying yourself every step of the way. Not literally every step necessarily, because where would we be without the priceless mistakes that let us grow daily? But the only way to make sure you’re getting the most out of the life you deserve, is to do what makes you happy.

Summer break is here, and you know the first two words that come into mind when I hear that? Free time! You’ve got a whole three months to do with what you please, and that can mean many different things for everyone. According to Mr. Thoreau, we should spend this time doing what makes us happy.

Are you a dancer? Dance. Do you enjoy time with your family and friends? Make the time to be with them. Enroll in a clay making workshop. Go on a hike. See a play. Be in a play. Sing your heart out to your favorite CD like nobody is there. By finding what makes you happy, you’ll be going in the right direction in no time. With a whole summer ahead of you, you’ve got plenty of time to decide.

So instead of deciding to let these precious days go to waste, use them to your fullest advantage. Get off the couch, put your cell phone down, and go for a swim. But why stop with summer? You have a full life ahead of you, make sure it’s the one that makes you the happiest.

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