Freshman Year [Check]

June 27, 2011

lisameghanToday was my reality check that my freshmen year of college was over. Today my first year grades were posted, and needless to say…It was not what I expected.

Besides grades, I learned a lot. I learned that college really does take up ALL of your time. College was a taste of what the real world truly has in store for me.

My freshman year had its ups and downs.
I lost some friends & made many new friends for life.
I met some guys who hurt me & ones who I can lean on.
I did horrible in some classes & pulled my grades up in others.

I guess now that freshmen year is done and over, I’m living on the motto.. If you try your best & don’t succeed, try again.

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Tips You Can Use on Graduation Day

May 22, 2011

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Tips To Stay Focused At The End Of The School Year

May 22, 2011

college-girl“All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.”
-T.E. Lawrence

It’s almost the end of the school year and teachers are pilling on projects more than ever. I see students giving up all too much. The most important thing to do when learning or finishing a project is to apply yourself. Find an interest in what you are doing. It will help your grasp what your learning and you will be able to remeber the material a lot easier.

I picked this quote by T.E. Lawrence because it reminds me that anything is possible. To be honest it takes a lot for me to maintain the grades I have. I’v never been the smartest kid and honestly, I’m not even that good at writting, but because of my dedication and dreams I am eager to apply myself. I am confident when I say, if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

It really seems like teachers these days don’t take into consideration that thier class it not the only class you are in. I mean, at my school we have 7 classes a day. That’s a lot of material to retain! Not to mention all of the tedious projects they give us. Oh, and of course, those dreadful exams that we spend hours studying for. And our parents say these are the best years of our life? Psh.

Well my point is, when it comes to your education always go the extra mile. Stay focussed on your assignments and keep organized. Sometimes its the little things that can really help us out while trying to stay organized. Like page tabs, i love those things. Or new pencils and highlighters. Those are always useful.

I realize that adults tell you this all the time, but your education is your future. It will determine everything you do in your life. I am always really upset when I see good people giving up on thier grades. The teachers are only trying to prep you for college and your future jobs. In the end, apply yourself at times like these will get you far.

What’s the Big Deal About Lunch Tables?

March 31, 2011

girl-groupLunch tables. They may just be the definition of middle school. Although it’s just two words, “lunch table” might as well be “social outcome” or “major problem”. They can be fun places, filled with jokes and fun, but what are you supposed to do when your lunch table isn’t the right fit for you?

This happened to me and four really close friends this week at school. It actually didn’t start as us wanting to switch tables, we just wanted to surprise our friend at another table for a day. Before we knew it, we started looking back to our other friends at the old lunch table and what were we getting? What looked like death glares, and telepathic messages saying “we  don’t want you back, you can stay there.” Sure, maybe that wasn’t the message they were trying to send, but it sure seemed like it. My friends and I decided that we would stay there, there was less to stress about anyway, having a smaller, tighter-knit group of girls.

Through all of this, I’ve realized that I really don’t like lunch tables. Yeah, they’re fun, you sit with your friends, and everyone’s happy. But there’s so much stress built onto them. It’s like can’t girls just sit where they want without the whole school watching? So much attention is drawn to them, it’s unbelievable. When my friends and I switched this week, random kids in the hallway we didn’t even know began walking up and saying, “I heard World War III is happening at your table… what did you do to those girls?” This, of course, made me and my friends really mad. Not only did he have no idea what was going on, but neither did we. We didn’t mean to start “World War III” or whatever people wanted to call it.

I’m still quite unsure about how this lunch table thing is going to work out. We don’t want to sever any ties between our friends at the other table, we still valued their friendship. I hope that’s not the outcome. I don’t want to lose friends over this, and although I have four really great friends that I’ve seemed to rediscover, it doesn’t have to be the end of some pretty great times. I’m still eagerly awaiting what’s to come this next week at school, and hoping that it won’t be anything worse than World War III.

Are Finals Stressing You Out?

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Teen Advice: How to Know When To Ask for Help

September 13, 2010

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How Your Freshman Year Can Make or Break Your GPA

September 8, 2010

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How to Decorate Your Locker and Fun Back to School Tips

August 12, 2010

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Are You Going to Get Involved This Year?

August 5, 2010

With the school year starting a lot of us might be joining new clubs or just trying something new out. You could be starting a club for your school that you created or be joining Student Council. Either way a lot of us are finding something we are interested in and joining so we can be involved in our school.

Don’t just take a small role to become involved, step up to the plate and take on a bigger role that will challenge you. My junior year of high school I wanted to be an editor on my school magazine, well I was really nervous that I would be bad at it. It ended up being one of the best choices I have ever made. By senior year I was debating  about going for Editor-In-Chief, well I did and loved it.

We all lack self confidence sometimes and think we won’t be able to handle something but really we never give it a shot. If we keep being too afraid to do something out of our comfort zone we will never succeed to our best. Now don’t go out and become the leading role of every club and become really stressed, but this school year take on something big. Whether you decide to be a leader in Student Council, a  Class Officer, or you start your own club, you can make a difference in your school.

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