Homecoming Tips

September 16, 2008

promdressesI couldn’t believe it when I heard that some schools have Homecoming this weekend. Already? I guess we’re halfway through September, though. I was just holding onto summer a little too much. It seems like girls and guys always feel pressure to have the right date for Homecoming. Does this sound familiar?

What if you don’t have a date?

Don’t stress! Use these tips and remember lots of girls and guys don’t have dates, you aren’t alone.

1. Don’t diss yourself. It’s really easy to think like a loser when the possibility of not having a date for Homecoming is looking like a reality. Just remember to focus on the positives. Think about the good qualities you possess. Don’t take this not having a date thing personally. Believe me, I know it’s hard not to. I still remember the year I didn’t have a date to Homecoming.

2. Be creative! If you really want to go to Homecoming, remember that a date’s not required. Get a group of friends together, whether it’s all girls or girls and guys. There are a ton of ways to have fun with this! What are some other fun ideas for a sans-date evening?

3. Make other plans. If the options above don’t resonate with you, think about other things you can do that night. Inivte friends over for a spa night or a movie marathon. What sounds better than painting your nails and watching Mean Girls? Whatever it is, try to stay positive and plan to do something that night that makes you smile!

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