Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

October 11, 2009

Girls With Dreams TV shared a few ideas on easy and budget conscious costumes for Halloween and here are a few more!

  • Flapper- Grab a sleeveless dress or any dress with a stringy design to it. Pair it with a headband and a long feather!
  • 80’s Girl- Wear colored leggings (such as pink leggings underneath grey shorts) and an off-the-shoulder shirt.
  • Roman Goddess- Make a toga!!! Wrap a sheet around your body, use safety pins. Then tie gold rope to accent your outfit!
  • Construction Worker- Wear a plain t-shirt and add a tool belt. Put on a construction hat if you have one.
  • Referee- Wear a striped shirt. Wear white or black knee-socks. Grab a cheap whistle.
  • Boxer- Wear a red robe, with Soffee shorts and a plain t-shirt. Add boxing gloves and a mouthpiece.


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