10 Fun Things to Do Over Winter Break

December 17, 2009

If you’re not headed out on a vacation for winter break, you might think of trying these fun ideas with your friends!

1.  Have a DIY Party with Your Friends:  Grab paint pens, tshirts, boxers, pillowcases, sweatshirts, or your favorite clothing and design your own fun tees!

2. Create Your Own Winter Wonderland.  Make hot cocoa or bake your favorite cookies and then watch your favorite movies together!

3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Think about how you can surprise someone with an act of kindness. Maybe you buy the next person in line their lunch or you shovel your neighbors driveway.  Get creative and let us know what you do!

4. Support our charity of the month, go to and send a FREE card to our troops!

5.  Create a Photo Collage.  Take fun pics of you and your friends and create your own collage or memory book.

6.  Pretend Your a Tourist in Your Hometown.  Is there a place you’ve always wanted to check out and haven’t visited yet?

7.  Give Yourself a Few Big Dreams!  Take 30 minutes to write or think about your biggest dreams.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but keep making excuses for?  Pick one thing on your list and sign up to do it in 2010!

8. Create Your Own Spa!  Whether you’re alone or you have a few friends join you, do your nails, give yourself a pedicure, and maybe try a mud mask on your face!  If you think you don’t have the supplies at home, look at our DIY tips on how easy!

9.  Movie Marathon with a Twist!  Create your own movie marathon with your friends (and don’t forget the popcorn)!  Either pick a theme for the night and have everyone bring a movie that goes with that theme, or ask each friend to bring their all time favorite movie and then at the end of the night vote on the group’s favorite!

10. Pick One Day to Recharge and Relax!  If you’re break is feeling really crazy and busy from travel, visiting others, work, or other things, try to find one day that is just for you where you can relax, sleep, or do anything else that makes you smile!


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